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Class Starts August 5th


Step into a rewarding career in aviation maintenance with the Aviation Maintenance Certificate Program. Our program offers an introduction to the world of aviation maintenance, equipping you with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in this exciting field. Kickstart your journey with us today!


Course includes Study Materials, AMT Logbook and Maintenance shirt



1. Intro to Aviation Maintenance/Lab: Hangar & aircraft survey

2. Aviation History/Lab: Video on Aviation History

3. Intro to Aerodynamics/Lab: Aircraft Control surfaces survey

4. Airframe basics/ Lab: Aircraft  Airframe Survey

5. Aircraft Engines/ Lab: Aircraft engine Identification

6. Aircraft Systems/Lab: Aircraft systems survey

7. Intro to tools/Lab: Hangar tool usage and application 

8. Aviation Safety/Lab: Hangar/airport safety Identification

9. Airport environments/ Lab: Airport Tour

10. Federal Aviation Regulations: Quiz

11. Aircraft Inspections/Lab: Panel removal and inspection

12. Aircraft Corrosion/Lab: corrosion removal exercise

13. Basic Metal Repair/Lab: Drilling, Riveting, and safety Wire

14. Towing aircraft

-Lab: Aircraft Towing (hand and vehicle)

15. Aircraft Start up Procedures/Weight ands Balance

-Lab: Aircraft Start up/W&B Calculations

16. Resume Prep at Goodwill Opportunity Center/Safety Certificate

17. Final Exam

18. GulfStream/Stambaugh Aviation applications

- Graduation and Certificate Ceremony

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